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Nick Wooten of Atlas Consumer Law Suing Illinois Banks for Allegedly Breaking Into Homes


Nick Wooten, a Chicago foreclosure defense attorney and Of Counsel to Atlas Consumer Law, is making recent headlines as he is aiming to sue banks throughout Illinois for allegedly breaking into homes.

He was featured on the Mandelman Matters Podcast discussing his latest focus on “break in cases.” This is due to homeowners who are in the middle of short sales or loan modifications coming home to the doors on their home locked and their belongings missing, many taken to the dump or sold.

This was a tactic used early on in the financial crisis, but Attorney Wooten warns that it is still happening today. It is why he is focusing his efforts on representing homeowners who have gone through this difficult experience. His goal is to stop these types of practices from occurring, making it an expensive step to accomplish.

In these types of situations, the banks will utilize a contractor to get into the home. Once in, they would change the locks and place a security key box for the bank to enter later. Then, the house would be cleaned out and problems would be fixed as much as possible. Unfortunately, this means that the homeowners will get home later to a house they cannot enter and their stuff gone.

Attorney Wooten says,

“Every day mortgage servicers ruin lives and devastate families by illegally entering consumers' homes. We want to end this practice. If this has happened to you let us help you hold this industry accountable.”

Atlas Consumer Law is a Chicago-based foreclosure defense firm dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers. To learn more about the firm, call us today.