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Trash and Lock Out - Banks Try to Bypass the Law

Stick figure people trying to hold onto their home from being taken away.

homeIf you miss a couple of mortgage payments, there are a few things a bank can legally do – from changing the locks with a court order to sending someone to check if the property has been abandoned. However, banks commonly engage in the illegal tactic known as “trash and lock out”, sending someone to trash the home in order for it to appear abandoned and vandalized, so they can change the locks. It is their way of bypassing the process of tracking people down, going to court, and other costly legal means. After all, their primary concern is profit.

As reported by CBS, Davide Adier is one such person who experienced this underhanded strategy. Adier’s childhood home was trashed, priceless belongings were lost, and the locks were changed after having missed mortgage payments. He had been in contact with Wells Fargo, trying to work things out, which is partly why the violation came as a total shock to him. Ari Jolovitz and his wife found that their home had been burglarized and the locks changed, despite also having been in the process of refinancing with Citizens Bank.

These homeowners, and others like them in similar circumstances, are now suing the banks for these illegal actions.

At Atlas Consumer Law, our team specializes in cases involving foreclosure, bankruptcy, creditor harassment, and consumer law. The bank does not have the right to take illegal actions against you to bully you out of your home. Our attorneys are aggressive and passionate when it comes to protecting the rights of our clients. A violation of your rights can possibly result in compensation paid to you. Call us now at 312-313-1613 and we will provide you with the guidance and help that you need to fight back.