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Supreme Court Backs Privacy Rights of Consumers


According to a recent United States Supreme Court decision, consumers can file lawsuits for statutory damages if a corporation commits an unlawful act even if consumers have not lost finances or suffered injury. The decision also stated that the corporation must also pay fixed amounts. Of course, the Supreme Court did not reach this decision without a debate.

Corporate advocates argued that consumers alleging false statements should not hold the rights to file lawsuits in federal court unless they are able to prove they have suffered some kind of financial harm. However, the Supreme Court rejected the corporate advocates’ requests in this case.

In addition, corporate defendants asked that the Supreme Court deny Congress the ability to pass laws, which protect consumers against unlawful actions unless corporations breaking the law attained money from consumers. Again, the Supreme Court denied the request and stated that Congress “can create ‘legally cognizable injuries’ even if they were previously ‘inadequate in law’ to be something that a consumer could sue over.” As a result, the Supreme Court applied a previous Court decision, stating that under federal law, a consumer can file a lawsuit for failure to obtain information subject to disclosure.

During the case, the Supreme Court also decided that courts must complete a two-step process, which analyzes a claim before it can be brought to federal court. However, this procedural holding will not be a loss for consumers since it does not dissolve actual claims. The Supreme Court was sure to note that they were not saying that consumer’s privacy claims could not move forward. All in all, the Supreme Court was sure to protect the privacy rights of consumers, despite the desires of corporate defendants.

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