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The CFPB Is Now Accepting Complaints About Credit Reporting


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now accepting complaints about credit reporting via its online tool. These complaints are actually reviewed -- consumer complaints played a role in the the three credit card settlements brokered by the CFPB this year.

Many people find errors in their credit reports and discover that the process for fixing a credit report is often frustrating and confusing. Even with an attorney's assistance, fighting credit reporting bureaus can be time-consuming and difficult. Sometimes it is not the bureau that is the problem, but the creditor. In that case, there are still significant statutory hoops to jump through before a resolution can be had.

If you are having issues with credit reporting, it may be worth your while to fill out the CFPB's online complaint form. It is pretty clear to me that the agency is serious about its mission and highly effective in accomplishing it.

The agency's online complaint tool can be found here.