Minnesota Automatic Dialing Statute: Liability for Calling a Wrong Number

phoneAccording to an insideARM article, any and all companies and debt collectors who use automatic dialing and recorded messages to contact Minnesota residents should take the time to understand Minnesota’s Automatic Dialing-Announcing Devices statute.

Under this section of the law, if a debt collector or company contacts a phone line—home or cell—in Minnesota with use of an auto dialer, without prior express consent, using a prerecorded message, and without a current business relationship between the parties, the caller may be considered liable for violating the statute. These rules apply even if the auto dialer called the wrong number. This means that they could be forced to pay the consumer monetary compensation for damages and attorney fees.

The ADAD Act prohibits these types of calls unless there is consent or if the message is preceded, immediately, by a live person who obtains consent prior to playing the pre-recorded message. Violation of the ADAD Act allows for private action against the company or debt collector using wrongful methods to contact a consumer.

Action against the debt collector or company not only helps the consumer to recover compensation, but it can also stop the harassing calls, protecting consumer rights.

At Atlas Consumer Law, our Chicago consumer attorneys understand what acts are available to protect the rights of consumers and shield them from harassing debt collection calls. Individuals shouldn’t have to deal with these tactics. They have rights to protect them from unsolicited calls from auto dialers. If you’ve been on the receiving end of these phone calls, you may be able to take action and our firm is here to help you.

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