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What Will the Supreme Court Do Without Justice Antonio Scalia?


Justice Antonin Scalia unexpectedly passed away on Saturday, February 13. Unfortunately, this death is not only disheartening, but it may cause serious problems within the Supreme Court as the court will be hearing cases regarding the Obama administration’s executive actions on the following:

  • Immigration
  • Contraception coverage
  • Union contributions
  • Abortion restrictions
  • Affirmative action

Now, the court is left with only eight justices. Many sources believe it can take months for the court to fulfill Scalia’s place since the process can take up to three months. Additionally, many predict a ninth justice will not exist until 2017.

What Will Happen Next?

If Scalia did cast a vote in response to any of the previously mentioned concerns, but the decision for the various topics were not yet announced, his votes will be voided. If the remaining eight justices face a 4-4 vote, the lower court’s ruling will stand. As of now, the president must nominate a successor. From there, the Senate must give consent to confirm the decision with the Supreme Court. The senate may reject any candidate the president may select.

There is no telling what will happen next. However, it will interesting to see how these various cases unfold when the remaining eight justices perform the voting process.

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