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Ocwen Lawyer Accused of Feeding Questions & Answers to Witnesses


Ocwen has been in enough hot water lately without adding to their long list of questionable activities. You may recall from our previous blog that Ocwen sent misdated letter claim program notices to borrowers, which robbed them of their ability to appeal loan modification denials within the time period specified in the letter. In 2013, Ocwen made news when it entered into a multi-billion dollar consent order for a slew of mortgage servicing misdeeds, including deception, unauthorized fees, unfair shortcuts, illegal shortcuts, and other illegal practices. Now, Ocwen has made news again: this time, the company’s lawyer has been accused of improperly spoon-feeding questions and answers to unqualified witnesses testifying in foreclosure cases against Florida homeowners.

A foreclosure defense attorney says that he has uncovered a script that had been provided to Ocwen witnesses in Atlanta to suppress homeowner defenses and accusations of robo-witnesses by financial service sector employees who have no firsthand knowledge of mortgage details.

Among the questions and answers used to train witnesses are:

  • Are these records made at or around the rime the event occurred by a person with knowledge? YES
  • Do you have any reason to believe the information provided by the prior servicer is not trustworthy? NO
  • Is this boarding process routinely followed by Ocwen? YES

This conduct is a major disruption to the ordinary judicial process and is designed to unfairly advantage lenders in foreclosure cases against hardworking people.

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