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Unveiling the Unscrupulous: Restaurant Ordered to Pay $140,000 in Back Wages and Damages to Employees


In a startling turn of events, a CNN article recently revealed a disturbing case of workplace corruption that has left employees shocked and authorities outraged. Taqueria Garibaldi, a restaurant with two locations in northern California, has been ordered by the US Department of Labor to compensate its employees a total of $140,000 in back wages and damages. The restaurant's owner, Che Garibaldi, resorted to hiring a fake priest to extract confessions from his staff, perpetrating what investigators have labeled as "the most shameless" act of corruption against employees.

The Shocking Details

According to the US Department of Labor, an employee of Taqueria Garibaldi testified under oath about the restaurant's practice of providing a supposed priest during work hours to hear confessions. This peculiar arrangement aimed to uncover the alleged workplace "sins" of employees, including tardiness, theft, or ill intentions towards the employer. Additionally, some employees reported that a manager falsely claimed that the investigation would lead to immigration issues, further complicating the situation.

The Lack of Connection

Amidst the investigation, the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento confirmed that there was no evidence linking the fake priest to their diocese. A spokesperson for the diocese explicitly stated that the person in question was not affiliated with the Diocese of Sacramento. This revelation raises concerns about the true motives behind hiring an imposter to perform religious rituals within the restaurant's premises.

Legal Consequences and Retaliation

The repercussions for Taqueria Garibaldi and its owners are significant. Che Garibaldi and three other operators have been ordered to pay $140,000 in back wages and damages to 35 affected employees. Furthermore, the restaurant must pay $5,000 in civil penalties. The severity of the penalties reflects the egregious nature of the offenses committed against the workers.

The investigation also uncovered additional injustices suffered by the employees. The restaurant had denied them overtime pay, and managers were found to have received bonuses from the employee tip pool, depriving the staff of their fair share. Moreover, employees who cooperated with investigators faced adverse immigration consequences, exposing an alarming attempt to obstruct justice.

Atlas Consumer Law: A Beacon of Support

In the face of such blatant workplace corruption, it is crucial for affected employees to seek professional legal assistance to ensure their rights are protected. Atlas Consumer Law, a trusted legal firm specializing in employment law, stands ready to support individuals who have experienced similar injustices. With their expertise and commitment to justice, Atlas Consumer Law can guide employees through the complex legal process, help them secure fair compensation, and seek accountability from unscrupulous employers.

The shocking case of Taqueria Garibaldi serves as a sobering reminder of the lengths some employers will go to exploit their workforce. The use of a fake priest to extract confessions is not only an outrageous violation of privacy but also a deplorable attempt to intimidate and silence employees. However, through the diligent efforts of federal investigators and the legal system, justice has been served. Moving forward, it is essential for employees to be aware of their rights and seek professional legal counsel, such as Atlas Consumer Law, to ensure their protection in the workplace. Together, we can fight against corruption, safeguard employee rights, and create a more just and fair working environment for all.