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Three Things You Should Not Do When Targeted by Creditors


When you are in heavy debt, creditor harassment may unfortunately become a daily part of your life. The pressure put on you by creditors can be overwhelming, making the right choices difficult to see. You know there are many things you need to do to fix the situation, but you have to be aware of a few things you absolutely should not do, too.

The top three things to avoid when creditors are targeting you are:

  1. Tossing out your mail: One of the worst things you can do is try to ignore the situation and hope it gets better. In fact, creditors and collection companies are banking on you ignoring their letters. If you are sued by a creditor, they have to tell you in writing, and you will be given a chance to dispute the debt. But if you just throw out your mail without doing anything, you effectively concede to the debt and the court will likely rule a default judgement against you.
  2. Talking to creditors over the phone only: Creditors call you all the time because it is a cheap and informal form of communication. They know that things said have less legal value than things written down. To make certain you are handling the situation correctly and making a clear record of your interactions with a creditor, you should insist on having everything in writing, especially all notices sent by them.
  3. Admitting that you owe a debt: No matter what you say to a creditor, you should never admit that you owe them money. The moment you admit that you owe a debt is the moment the debt becomes real in the eyes of any court that might get involved later. In fact, many creditors buy debt secondhand and only get a questionable record of its amount and origins. If you continue to deny the debt’s validity, there is a chance it will actually become invalid because the burden of proof falls on the creditor. When a creditor tries to get you to admit to a debt, even if you know it exists, you can just say something like “There is a chance your information is inaccurate, so I cannot confirm.”

Need Legal Help to Stand Up to a Creditor?

Dealing with a creditor can understandably feel a bit frightening. If you say or do the wrong thing, you can give them power over your debt.

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