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Is Your Imperfect Credit Caused by Credit Report Errors?


Most everyone dreads getting a credit check done to learn how creditors and financial institutions view and rank their credit score. Being told that you have a low credit score can understandably feel intimidating, especially if you are looking to make a big purchase soon, like a home or automobile. To make matters all the more stressful, you could have a poor credit report not due to unchecked spending habits, but instead due to errors.

Common reasons why errors occur on credit reports:

  • Incorrect identifying information: Listing your name, address, or Social Security number with a typo can cause your credit score to be lowered, especially if you have been confused with someone who has a poor credit report. You might not even be the one who made the typo, but you will still feel the consequences of the mistake.
  • Identity theft: One of the most frustrating reasons why your credit report could rank lower than expected is identity theft. If a hacker has accessed your confidential information and made or tried to make purchases in your name, then their actions could damage the financial reputation of the real you!
  • Unacknowledged remedies: Getting out of a financial bind through one remedy or another — like paying off your debt, renegotiating a loan, etc. — is fantastic, but it doesn’t guarantee your credit report will improve. A bug in a credit reporting company’s system might not recognize that you resolved your previous financial problems, still report them, and render a lower score.

Correcting a Credit Reporting Error with Professional Help

Chasing down the investigative branch of a credit reporting agency is a hassle. They rarely devote any resources to looking into the causes of errors, and make even less of an effort to actually correct them in their internal systems once they are acknowledged. With the help of Atlas Consumer Law in Chicago, though, reporting an error and getting it fixed can be simple.

If you told a credit reporting agency to fix an error but they did not comply, call (312) 313-1613 and speak with us. We charge no upfront fees when you let our team of attorneys act on your behalf to fix a credit reporting error that has been ignored by an agency. If we are successful with your case, then you can be paid up to $1,000 or any out-of-pocket damages you suffered due to the error, whichever is greater.

Discover if a credit reporting agency owes you for a mistake by contacting Atlas Consumer Law and our credit reporting error attorneys in Chicago now.