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Stop Robocalls With These Simple Tips


Telemarketers can be as relentless as a dog with a bone. From midnight calls to repetitive school or work interruptions, robocalls can be inconvenient and extremely tiresome. Many people take matters into their own hands and tell the telemarketers to stop calling, yet the calls still persist. Luckily, through the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you have a legal right to fight back against annoying telemarketing calls and unwanted automated messages. If you want to get rid of the robocalls, try these simple solutions.

Don’t Answer

Simple refusing to answer your phone when you do not recognize the number can sometimes put an end to the less persistent telemarketers. Speaking to telemarketers can sometimes get you into more trouble than you anticipated, so avoiding the issue is usually best.

Add Your Number to the National Do Not Call Registry

Another way to put an end to calls, especially if they are coming from multiple sources, is to add your phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry. If you continue to receive calls, you can then report them.

Use Technology Against Them

If the calls persist, try using a robocall blocking app or a recorded service. Certain apps can block calls from suspected telemarketers and or even leave the robocall with a message that your number is no longer in service. Some phone companies even have additional tools to help their customers block robocalls.

You could also try a different approach and distract telemarketers with a voice recording. A few companies provide prerecorded voices that distract and annoy telemarketers so you don’t have to speak to them.

Take Legal Action

In extreme cases, you may be able to take legal action against the telemarketers that plague your phones. Telemarketing can be considered a form of harassment and you may be able to cite the responsible company for violating the TCPA.

If you are dealing with unwanted robocalls, our firm may be able to help. Contact Atlas Consumer Law to discuss your case with our consumer law attorneys.