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Dish Network Required To Pay $280 Million for Illegal Telemarketing Calls


Dish Network was recently ordered to pay $280 million for illegal telemarketing calls made through 2009. Attorney generals for California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio accused Dish Network of violating telemarketing laws by making more than 55 automated telemarketing calls to mobile phone numbers and numbers on the Do Not Call registry. Just one violation can result in a fine up to $16,000, meaning with a total of 55 million violations, total fines and penalties could add up to a staggering $23.5 billion. However, the judge considered Dish may not have knowingly broken the law and settled on about 10% of the maximum penalty--$280 million.

If you have been a victim of harassing or illegal telemarketing calls, you are entitled to pursuing litigation and compensation for these blatant infringements of the law. Companies should not and are not permitted to relentlessly inconvenience people, and agencies like the FTC and FCC have even openly declared these robocalls are not to be tolerated. Though Dish Network denies responsibility and plans to appeal, this major settlement sent a message to corporations everywhere--unwelcome telemarketing will be met with swift and strong-minded legal pushback.

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