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Federal Trade Commission States Lombardo, Daniels, & Moss Acted Fraudulently


The Federal Trade Commission has stated that Lombardo, Daniels, and Moss used intimidation and deception to defraud countless people out of $2.1 million. The collection agency is being sued for their fraudulent behavior, including scheming to swindle customers out of money, even if the customers didn’t owe any to begin with. Using people’s Social Security numbers, names of relatives, and bank account numbers, the collectors would exploit people’s personal information as a pawn to trick people into believing the calls were legitimate.

The collectors used multiple aliases, such as Lombardo, Daniels & Moss; Barron, Gibson & Phillips; and Cohen, Daniels & Moss in order to convince people they were a law firm. Innocent people were aggressively driven into paying these fees under the guise that they would be arrested or sued if they didn’t pay on the spot. Following an investigation, a federal judge froze the collectors’ assets and ordered them to stop doing business, effective immediately.

As per the FTC, the company “illegally disclosed purported debts to third parties, failed to disclose that they were debt collectors calling to collect a debt and that any information consumers provided could be used for that purpose, and failed to send consumers legally required written notices with the debt amount and the creditor's name, giving consumers an opportunity to dispute the debt.”

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