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Deputies Seize Bank of America's Assets After They Unjustly File Foreclosure on Couple's Home


Recently, WINK News reported a story about a couple who had deputies foreclose on Bank of America after the bank filed foreclosure papers on the couple who did not owe a single penny for their Golden Gate Estates home. Before this situation occurred, the couple bought and paid for a home, which Bank of America owned. Because the home was paid with cash, the couple had never acquired a mortgage.

When the couple received notice of the foreclosure filed against them, they hired a foreclosure defense attorney who attempted to contact the bank regarding the situation various times. Bank of America failed to answer or return any calls and ignored various letters sent through the mail. After five months, the couple and their lawyer decided to take the next step.

Deputies appeared at Bank of America, equipped with moving trucks, and stated that they were seizing the bank’s assets. During this time, deputies and the couple’s attorney sat with the bank manager. After an hour, Bank of America issued a check and agreed to pay for the couple’s attorney fees. Additionally, Bank of America apologized for their actions and the couple’s wait on payment.

According to the couple’s lawyer, banks do not always do their due diligence. As a result, consumers should always take necessary steps to ensure banks and creditors do not take advantage of their trust.

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