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The Story of a Debt-Ridden Former Military Member Victimized by The World Law Group and Orion Processing


Recently, a former military member who was struggling to make payments on a few Federal Credit Union Visa credit cards reached out to The World Law Group for financial help. Representatives from the group told him they would negotiate a settlement and provide a 3-year payment plan to help him recover from his debt. Thinking he was receiving help, he began submitting $400.07 per month to cover payments for debts and attorney fees.

Two years later, the man received a notice from the Navy Federal stating the credit union was suing him for lack of communication and failure to provide a payment plan. As a result, the man testified in a bankruptcy court case against a company contracted with World Law, Orion Processing.

World Law refused to answer any questions regarding the services they promised to provide. The former military member found a new attorney who helped him set up a payment plan with a credit union. Eventually, he signed a settlement with World Law and refused to comment on the story any further.

Following this occurrence, federal and state officials said this man is one of thousands of debt-ridden individuals who were wronged by World Law and Orion Processing.

Others Affected by Wrongful Acts Committed by the Two Organizations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against World Law and Orion Processing, stating the two organizations collected more than $67 million in illegal fees from nearly 21,000 debt-ridden consumers throughout the United States. Four other states filed similar complaints, which helped push Orion Processing into the federal bankruptcy court.

On August 20, 2015, a bankruptcy judge from Austin, Texas found the 2 organizations guilty of collecting illegal upfront fees and false promises for legal representation. The judge forced Orion Processing to liquidate immediately.

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