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Defending against Illinois foreclosures


If you are involved in a dispute with your mortgage lender, you may have the specter of foreclosure looming. Alternatively, you may owe far more on your mortgage than your property is actually worth, leaving you with the need to precipitate a foreclosure by your lender as a strategic move.

You have options available to you, whether you need to negotiate a modification to your loan, an agreement with your bank for a short sale, a deed in lieu of foreclosure or if you wish to participate in a foreclosure-avoidance program. Often, whatever approach you wish to take to either defend against or actively encourage a foreclosure, you will need to utilize strong negotiation tactics in order to effect your desired result.

You may wonder what will happen to your mortgage in the event you choose to file for bankruptcy. In some cases, you may be able to choose to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a means to obtain relief. Alternatively, you may need to learn how to engage in a strong foreclosure defense in order to save your home or commercial property.

Our attorneys at Atlas Consumer Law are well-versed in all areas of foreclosure defense, loan modifications, short sales and strategic foreclosure. We regularly meet with our clients to learn about their particular mortgage lender disputes in order to help craft the best strategy for them. We negotiate with lenders and advise our clients about the approaches best for them. In the event a client's situation calls for filing bankruptcy as opposed to defending against a probable foreclosure, we help our clients choose the type of bankruptcy best suited to protect both them as well as their homes. Foreclosure can be highly stressful for anyone, which is why we have provided additional information you might find helpful on our page on stopping foreclosure.