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Missouri Man Finally Clears Credit Report of Errors


One man in Missouri has finally reached the conclusion of a three-year quest to clear his credit report of errors after a U.S. senator stepped in to help.

Ky Pohler first discovered the problem after attempting to apply for a home loan. What he found out what that he and his elder brother, Kelsey Pohler, were being mistaken for the same person, with their credit history and accounts intermingled. Both men were even linked to the same Social Security number even though they had different birth dates.

Among other mistakes, Ky’s credit report reflected his brother’s $249,000 medical school student loans. He spent months trying to clear his credit report, but was unable to speak with anyone at Equifax, Experian, or Trans Union. He then hired the owner of Kansas City Credit Services, Donna Perkins, to help him resolve the issue. While she was able to get Experian and Trans Union to make corrections, Equifax still refused to remove the false debt, even after Chris Koster, the Missouri Attorney General, got involved.

While normal credit repair time takes around six to 12 months, Ky endured more than a year-and-a-half battling the credit agencies. It wasn’t until U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill got involved that Equifax finally addressed the situation and attempted to correct the errors.

Illinois Consumer Lawyers Fighting to Protect Your Rights

It should not take the involvement of a senator for a credit agency to fix an error in a timely manner. Credit agencies who ignore consumers should be held accountable for their inefficiency and unresponsiveness, especially when it comes to something like credit which can impact people’s lives. In Ky’s case, credit errors wrongfully cost him his ability to obtain a loan for a place to live, and wasted countless hours of his time in trying to make it right.

Credit reporting agencies make mistakes all the time. If you have errors on your credit report and are struggling to get the false information removed, please call a Chicago consumer lawyer at Atlas Consumer Law to discuss your options for legal recourse under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If your consumer rights have been violated, we stand ready to help hold the agency accountable for their unlawful actions.

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