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Congress Consents to an Exception that Allows Some Automated Calls


It has probably happened to you at least once before. Your phone keeps buzzing with calls from random numbers and finally, you answer. To your dismay, there is not a person on the other end, but a robotic, automated voice, instead. When this happens, you may find yourself hanging up immediately and even blocking that specific number. But, have you ever wondered what you should really do to stop these annoying phone-calls?

An article published by the New York Times states the best thing you can do after receiving an irritating message is to register that phone number on the United States government’s do-not-call list, which can be found here.

What Do These Phone Calls Entail?

These random, automated phone-calls may be initiated for a number of reasons. Some companies use these obnoxious occurrences to sell goods, tell you you can benefit from a loan, state their student loan forgiveness program can change your life, and the list goes on. However, just recently, reports show Congress has approved a plan that allows these automated callers to tap into the cellphones of Americans who owe money on loans backed by the government.

While other uses for these robotic calls are banned unless persons give their consent, many now worry that Congress, starting with this loophole, may start to allow these annoying phone calls, in the near future, for the following reasons:

  • Advertising
  • Political messages
  • Pollsters

Additionally, many government representatives fear that these exceptions may allow companies to harass many Americans, such as students, veterans, famers, people with mortgages, and small business owners, who suffer from government-backed loans.

As of now, no clear decision has been made as to whether or not Congress will repeal the ambiguous exception that allows these automated calls.

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